Korea is a unique country in many ways. One of the things in particular that sparked my curiosity is this: Why is the tea culture more popular in other Asian countries but not in Korea?

dalgona coffee
dalgona coffee
Dalgona coffee, new coffee menu item that became popular during covid-19 as the videos of self made dalgona coffee became viral online. Image credit: thesmartlocal

In this aspect, Korea seems like an anomaly. It has a booming coffee culture, recognized locally and overseas. And this coffee culture is also different from that of the US, Europe or Australia.

Korean coffee culture is defined by its variety. This variety spans over the type of cafes and also the coffee menu.

Streetwear has come a long way. Over the past few decades, it has expanded from a style for a selected few into mainstream fashion wear.

When we talk about streetwear, the basic essential is the baggy oversized T-shirt. Although it might not hug to your body like a regular fit T-shirt or a well ironed shirt, it sure gives off its own chic and edgy look.

People also find oversized clothing style much more adaptable, comfortable, and versatile. …

It seem just a decade, no actually two decades ago, that my mother was obsessed with her Kodak camera.

Image for post
Image for post
It looked similar to this one. Photo credit: @shuttermoments_at

She treated it like a priceless possession, kept it standing in a display cabinet, and only took it out for special occasions like birthdays or an outdoor trip.

Those were the times when you had to look into the peek hole of a camera to take a photograph, and every picture has to be perfect since there is no way to check the pictures under the rolls of films are developed.


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