6 Luxury Fashion Brands That Love Kpop Idols

BTS as Louis Vuitton brand ambassadors
BTS as Louis Vuitton brand ambassadors. Photo by koreaboo

Korean fashion has always been popular amongst people locally and internationally. And we have also seen many Kpop idol groups being the brand models of several korean fashion brands.

For example, Twice was selected as the brand ambassadors for korean streetwear brand Acme de la vie (ADLV) and BTS is the model for Fila Korea.

But, do you know that there are some individual kpop members in particular who are selected as the brand model of luxury fashion brands?

Let’s check them out today.

1. Jennie x Chanel

Blackpink Jennie has a cute yet elegant aura. She has worn Chanel clothing in several occasions and has been dubbed the Human Chanel for her classic and luxurious vibe.

Jennie in two different Chanel outfits. Photo by @JENNIERUBYJANE

Regardless of whether the Chanel clothing is for casual events or more formal ones, Jennie sure pull all of them perfectly.

It’s no surprise that Jennie is now officially a brand ambassador for Chanel.

She is also a fan of vintage Chanel items, which shows how much she loves this luxury brand.

2. Lisa x Celine and Bvlgari

Another Blackpink member is Lisa, who is the brand model for luxury brand Celine and also one of the 4 muses of the Bvlgari Magnifica campaign.

Lisa in Celine outfit (left) and with Bvlgari accessories (right). Photo by @lisafilm27 and @mignonne327

Lisa portrays a different personality on stage and off. She enthralls the audience with her rap and unique charm on stage. But off stage, she goes for simple casual choices with a vintage flair.

3. Kai x Gucci

kai x gucci teddy bear sweater
Kai in the Gucci x Kai teddy bear sweater. Photo by @gucci

EXO Kai is Gucci’s Global Brand Ambassador for the third year straight. It shows how much Gucci loves him!

This fashion lover fits in with the luxury brand perfectly, he also partnered with Gucci to release his very own teddy bear capsule collection!

4. Lucas x Gucci

nct lucas gucci apple campaign
nct lucas gucci apple campaign
NCT Lucas x Gucci Les Pommes. Photo by @gucci

NCT Lucas partnered with Gucci in their “Gucci Les Pommes” (Gucci Apples in French) fashion campaign. This fashion campaign is in celebration of the Chinese Valentine’s Day and the photoshoot took place in Shanghai.

It not only showcases the cute idol in Gucci apples outfit, it’s also noteworthy how they bring fans to see Lucas connected to his roots.

Bonus: BTS x Louis Vuitton

BTS in LV outfits
BTS in LV outfits
BTS in LV outfits. Photo by @italianarmyfam_

BTS might not be an individual, but they sure made waves as they might be the first kpop group to sign on as the brand models as an entire group for a luxury brand.

It shows BTS influence not only in the kpop industry, but also in fashion.


Kpop artistes are making waves with luxury brands and this trend is not likely to stop anytime soon.

Each of the kpop idol matches the essence of the luxury brands so well, and we are also glad to see that the luxury brands are signing up more brand models from Asia.

Which luxury brand model is your favorite and who do you want to be the next luxury brand model?

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